A "Custom Made" golf club is a clubs that been built to fit with a golfer's swing characteristic. It includes swing speed, swing patter, feeling, prefer ball launch trajectory, and personal swing hobbies. A "standard / Off the Rack" club is always design to suit most of the golfers. The more serious a golfer is, the more picky he/she gets also. Different style of the club will give the golfer complete different feel of the game. Have a set of custom made golf club can always help a golfer to improve the game and get the best feel out of the clubs.


  FLEX is the ranking of the resistance to a known bending force on the shaft, generally rated as L, A, R, F, S or X. Flex letter codes do not reflect a standardized numeric measurement of stiffness. Different brand/factory sometime classified Flex in different ways. In general, all but the most accomplished golfers should choose the lightest, most flexible shaft that they can control. The advantage of lightest is more swing speed which equal distance. The flexible will bring more "kick" to the ball which also result in more distance as well. However, up to a point. Too light or too flexible might start showing losing control of the club.

  TRAJECTORY/PROFILE (BEND/KICK POINT) depicts the shaft's ability to get the ball airborne. It refers to the point on the shaft at which maximum bending occurs during the swing. It is also where the shaft is the most flexible in terms of overall flex distribution.

  TORQUE is the shaft tip's ability to resist twisting at impact. Usually the lower torque will bring more consistent, the higher torque can bring more "kick" to the head which might give more distance.

  TIP STIFFNESS is how strong the tip of the shaft is. It will give different feel of the club impact feeling of the shot to the golfer. The stiff tip will always give golfer the "solid" shocking feel of hitting the ball. The softer tip will give the golfer more easier and buttery feel of the shot impact.

  WEIGHT is the weight. In golf usually measure in gram. It is more personal preference than anything else. Usually, the lighter the weight of the shaft is, potentially can get higher swing speed. Higher swing speed result in more distance. However, it is risky to have a shaft that is lighter than a golfer can "feel". Golfer might lose control of the club when a club gets "too light". That is why lots of fast swing golfer prefer to have shaft that is heavier.

For Example:

The Specs for a our SPEEDER DESIGN Regular Flex wood shaft is following:

FLEX Suggest Swing Speed Weight Trajectory Torque Tip Tip Diameter
R 80 ~ 90 MPH 60gram MID 3.4 Degree Mid 0.335"

  This shaft is design for regular golfer that seeking for light weight and normal ball fly result.

The Specs for a our V2 Extra-Stiff Flex wood shaft is following:

FLEX Suggest Swing Speed Weight Trajectory Torque Tip Tip Diameter
X 100 ~ 115 MPH 68gram LOW 2.9 Degree Stiff 0.335"

  This shaft is design for fast swing golfer with demand of low penetration ball fly plus more solid feel of the shots.

The Specs for a our US TRUE TEMPER Steel Iron shaft is following:

FLEX Suggest Swing Speed at 5 Iron Weight Trajectory Torque Tip Tip Diameter
R/S 60 ~ 80 MPH 127gram LOW N/A Stiff 0.370"

  This shaft is design for regular golfer that seeking for light weight and normal ball fly result.



  The grip size are generally separated into Undersize, Regular, Mid-Size, Oversize/Jumbo Size. They originally design for different hand size. However, personal preference is also one of the key factor of choosing different size of the grip. For example, some golfer has problem with hand will prefer to use a thicker grip to have more comfortable feel.


  There are lots of different materials for the grips. Standard Rubber grips are most commonly seen grips. They are usually cheaper and easier to use and maintain. For example, if you buy any well-known branded club "off the rack" always come with a rubber grip(GolfPride Tour Velvet, Lampkin Crosslin etc.). Synthetic grips offer a softer feel and increase comfort in shock-absorbent, slip-resistant design(Winn grips or GolfPride Softie etc.). Cord grips are for golfers who prefer harder, firmer grips or who play in wet/humid conditions. Again, personal feel is the most important issue of choosing the grip, it is your hand at the end of the day.